In vivo experimental techniques

  • Experimental model of in vivo myocardial infarction with coronary artery ligation in mice and rats.
  • Experimental model of arterial hypertension with ligation of abdominal aorta.
  • Experimental model of sepsis with ligation and perforation of cecum in mice
  • Exercise protocols in mice and rats with a treadmile
  • Metabolic measurements/Metabolic Cages

Ex vivo experimental techniques

  • Experimental model of isolated rat heart and induction of global zero-flow ischemia and reperfusion with recording of functional parameters of the left ventricle
  • Experimental model of isolated rat aortic rings

Cell cultures

  • Cell cultures of myoblasts and cardiomyocytes
  • Determination of cell differentiation
  • Determination of cell viability and death (ΜΤΤ, TUNNEL)

Imaging Techniques

  • Echocardiography in mice and rats in vivo for determination of systolic and diastolic function of the LV and valvular function
  • Development of technique for determination of apoptosis in myocardium with specific fluorescent probe that can detect activation of caspase 3 (in collaboration with Quidd, Rouen, France)
  • Histochemistry, Immunohistohemistry and immunofluorescence

Molecular Techniques

  • Isolation of nuclear proteins and shuttling of nuclear receptors
  • Determination of expression of contractile myocardial proteins (actin, myosin), calcum handling proteins (SERCA, phospholamban), proteins that adapt to stress (heat shock proteins), protein kinases (PKC, AMPK, JNK, ERK, Akt, p38 MAPK, mTOR) and thyroid hormone receptors with western blotting
  • Development of new technique for quantitative measurement of lipofuscin in serum and tissues for determination of cellular aging (in collaboration with Dpt of Histology, Prof. Gorgoulis)

Measurements in blood

  • Biochemical measurements (glucose, glycogen, lactate, LDH, CK, creatinine)
  • Measurements of hormones, cytokines and growth factors with ELISA
  • Measurements of hormones, cytokines and growth factors with Luminex ...intelligent web software